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The 2011 deluge damaged over 300 Community Learning Centres (CLCs) in Thailand, 106 of which were located in Ayutthaya province. The lack of knowledge and capacity of non-formal education (NFE) practitioners, learners and community members in disaster risk reduction (DRR) left them inadequately prepared to deal with a catastrophe of such magnitude.

In collaboration with Thailand’s Office of Non-formal and Informal Education (ONIE) under the Ministry of Education (MOE), this project supported the restoration of flood-affected CLCs in Ayutthaya. New equipment, teaching and learning materials and stationery were provided to CLCs.

To allow for the project’s impacts to be felt on a much larger scale, the DRR knowledge and capacities of the NFE sector were also strengthened through the implementation of a province-wide capacity development programme in cooperation with the Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) under the Ministry of Interior (MOI). CLC facilitators, managers, learners and community members were trained on the concepts of DRR, preparedness and response.

Key Project Achievements

  • 50 CLCs have been fully restored, refurbished and reopened.
  • Over 5,000 learners have benefited from attending courses and programmes at the rehabilitated CLCs.
  • 20,000 copies of a handbook providing information on “disaster Do’s and Don’ts” with a special emphasis on floods were developed and disseminated throughout Ayutthaya province.
  • 20 Master Trainers, 240 CLC facilitators and 2,583 CLC learners and community members from 40 different districts in Ayutthaya were trained on DRR. Knowledge acquired from the trainings has since been spread on a massive scale and improved community awareness, preparedness and response to flood disasters. The training workshops effectively enabled local communities to develop and operationalise district-specific disaster action plans.

Flood on 2011

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Why was the game developed?

With a view to disseminate lessons on flood preparedness and survival to broader audiences, the mobile game application Sai Fah: The Flood Fighter was created.

The game is available in both Android and IOS platforms, and in Thai and English languages. The English language version was developed to help spread the importance of flood safety across other Asia-Pacific countries where floods also pose a dangerous threat.

Sai Fah follows the adventures of a young boy on a journey to reunite with his mother during a flood disaster. Players learn flood safety lessons as they encounter flood hazards, from live electrical current to dangerous wildlife. Each level of the game provides a new challenge – and lesson – on the safest course of action before, during and after floods.

Saifah (Flood Fighter)'s screenshot

Sai Fah: An Educational Tool

The game is an effective means to:

  • Enhance game users’ awareness and understanding of flood safety and survival in a fun and dynamic way
  • Impart key concepts in disaster risk reduction to learners in the classroom
  • Equip the general public with readiness skills to mitigate the effects of future flood disasters.