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The major floods in 2011 drastically affected Thailand nationwide. According to World Bank, Thailand lost 1.44 Trillion Baht caused by this disaster. There were more than 13 million Thai populations in 65 provinces affected from the flood damages.

In response of the flood, UNESCO Bangkok with the support from the Government of Japan (Japan Funds-in Trust) collaborates with the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education (ONIE) to establish the restoring Community Learning Centres (CLCs) damaged by flood and disaster risk reduction project. Ayutthaya province was selected since 106 CLCs, out of 209 Centres in the province, were impacted by the floods. The damages covered buildings, teaching and learning materials and equipment.

As a result from the project, 50 CLCs in Ayutthaya were restored and reopened. The flood handbook was developed. More than 240 CLC teachers were trained on disaster risk reduction. The knowledge has been passed on to the CLC learners and local communities in order to raise an awareness of flood preparedness in the correct manner and strengthen the communities when the disaster occurs.

Flood on 2011

UNESCO is funded by Japan Funds-in-Trust

Why do we develop the game?

“Sai Fah: The Flood Fighter” is a game application developed under this project in collaboration with Opendream. The objective of the game is to give knowledge on flood preparedness to players through an exciting adventure of Sai Fah. Players will learn what to do and not to do prior, during and post flood. As one way of learning, the game has been created in a creative, fun, user friendly, and suitable for all ages-format.

Saifah (Flood Fighter)'s screenshot

What do we want to achieve?

  • Players have more awareness and understanding on flood preparedness through knowledge and entertainment from the game.
  • Teachers are able to use the game in their classes as one of the learning and teaching materials.
  • Through dissemination of the game to general public, readiness in disaster risk reduction for flood in Thai society will be increased and more effective.