Emergency Contacts


  • Emergency (Thai Police)191
  • Fire incident and dangerous animals in residence199
  • Crime Suppression Division (Thai Police)1195


  • Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation1784
  • National Disaster Warning Center (earthquake, flood, tsunami, storm)1860, 192
  • Thai Meteorological Department1182
  • Chemical Emergency Response Center1650
  • Marine Officer Onboard1199
  • Transport Safety Center1356
  • Department of Highways1586
  • Highway Police (to check flooded roads)1193

Electricity and Waterworks problems

  • Metropolitan Electricity Authority1130
  • Provincial Electricity Authority1129
  • Metropolitan Waterworks Authority1125
  • Provincial Waterworks Authority1662

Medical assistance

  • Emergency Medical Service (Bangkok)1555
  • National Institute for Emergency Medicine1669
  • Police General Hospital (Ambulance)1691

Coordination for help

  • Government Contact Center1111
  • JS100 Radio Station1137
  • FM 91 TRAFFICPRO1644
  • Ruam Duay Chuay Kan Radio Station1677