• It’s a very fun game and the lessons I learnt can be applied to daily life.
    Thamphitak Rakwiratham, 9
  • An awesome game that encourages you to think of creative solutions.
    Phanisuan Inthamahan, 12
  • Nice graphics and animation. Easy to understand. The challenges and mini-puzzles teach children to be more alert and aware of their surroundings during a flood situation.
    Kritpipat Kritiananpat, Ministry of Education staff
  • A very useful game for children. Teaches key concepts about flood preparedness, helps kids to solve daily problems and develops their hand-eye coordination.
    Weerada Kunagaro, Businesswoman
  • So much fun! I learnt flood survival skills by doing the challenges. It’s different from other internet games because this game teaches kids practical lessons. Will recommend to my friends!
    Natchalita Nilkeaw, 10 (The first player to complete all levels)
  • This game can be a big hit with children! Very educational and gives basic tips on how to deal with floods.
    Wipawadee Chaleomlarbanand, Housekeeper
  • At first I didn’t think that I would be able finish the game because the challenges seemed hard. But when I actually tried, I managed to complete the levels. It’s a fun game that really makes you think! In the game, we have to take care of ourselves while mom isn’t around. In real life, if my mom is away, I will act responsibly like Sai Fah; if I need help I’ll contact the police.
    Nisakorn Ngaosri, 11 (The second player to complete all levels)